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Insect control

There’s nothing more annoying than a mosquito buzzing, especially when you just put out the lights and prepare to doze off to sleep. Even more frustrating than that is when you put on the lights again and that mosquito is nowhere to be found. And then there’s the case of silverfish crawling your walls, you can kill the bigger insects right away, but be careful with squishing silverfish, they leave a hefty mark on the wall. Dislodging mosquitoes and silverfish doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the complete sets of ‘Insect Free’ and prevent nuisance of mosquitoes and all other insects in your home.

The complete sets of Insect Free come with a dispenser and refill. The difference between sets lies in the number of refills you choose to go with it. One refill of Insect Free natural insecticide lasts at least 3000 sprays which equals 30 days when the interval is set at 15 minutes. The complete sets of Insect Free contains an entire starter package to protect your home and enter into the fight against the nuisance of insects such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, fruit flies, moths, silverfish, paper fish, ants and other troublemakers. The complete set is quick and easy to deploy and can be installed in a variety of ways. Once the interval set, the automatic system takes care of the rest.

Complete sets