2x Start Set Extra (2x Dispenser + 2x Vulling)

2x Start Set Extra (2x Dispenser + 2x Vulling)

2x Start Set Extra (2x Dispenser + 2x Vulling)

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INSECT FREE Premium Insecticide 250ml EXTRA Strong  (2x dispenser + 2 refills )

INSECT FREE is an aerosol insecticide with a mostly repellent action thanks to the high concentration of Natural Pyrethrum. This substance blocks the nervous system so the insects cannot develop a resistance to this active principle. In addition to this the Piperonyl Butoxide acts in synergy with the Pyrethrum enhancing its effects. INSECT FREE is effective against every type of flying insects and in particular versus mosquitoes and flies.INSECT FREE is mainly used in every segment of the food industry (e.g. restaurants, bars, kitchen etc...) and in the accommodation industry (Hotel, camping B&B, etc...). ACTIVITY. Immediate repellent action and good knock down effect. No residual effects.

It's strongly advised to use the aerosol insecticide INSECT FREEwith the aerosol dispensers. Every guarantees at least 3000 sprays and a duration of 30 days (with an interval between one spray and another of 15 minutes). This product does not contain any propellants that can damage the ozone layer.

Volume 250 ml – Net weight 160 g – Valve of distribution to dosage from 75 microliters.

Composition 100 g of product contains:
Solvents and propellants as required at 100.0 %
Pure Piperonyl Butoxide 16.0 %
Pyrethrum Extract 7.0 %

NOTE. Read the label carefully before use.

Registration BAuA N.30266 for Germany. Registration N. 16.342 of the Italian Ministry of Health PMC



It is recommended that the unit be installed high on the wall (above 2.0 m) to avoid the sprayed aerosol coming into contact with passers-by and to the reduce the risk of vandalism, Ensure that space is available above the dispenser to allow access for front cover opening.



1.    The dispenser body: 2 unit

2.    The key and lock: 2 set

3.    The fix screws: 6 pcs

4.    The expanding plugs: 4 pcs

5.    The instruction Manual: 1pc

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